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Due to COVID-19 all events are postponed at this time

PARTIES & team builders

Adult Parties:


You  love games and want to celebrate your birthday in style!  Our  birthday  parties for grown ups are filled with decorations, board games and if  you are interested, an option to play collectable card games!  We  provide the following:

  • Up to 8 adults in total for a 3 hour organized party.

  • Play time with an unlimited amount of games or mini tournament

  • Birthday decorations and plates/utensils

  • Full time Game Guru

  • 1 flatbread pizza per Person

  • 1 non alcoholic drink per Person

  • A $ 40 credit for the Birthday person to use towards anything in the store

  • Alcoholic beverages are NOT included. However, they are available for purchase.


Price: $275

Additional price per person: $25

Fewer than 8 people? We credit $10 per person under a total of 8.

Wine Toast

Kid Parties:

If  your child does not like to play games then this party is not for them!  Our birthday parties are full of interactive, fun and new games.   Parties are designed for children 8 and older. We provide the  following:

  • Up to 8 children in total for a 3 hour organized party.

  • Play time with an unlimited amount of games or mini tournament

  • Full time Game Guru/Host

  • 1 flatbread pizza per child

  • 1 pop or juice per child

  • Birthday decorations and plates/utensils

  • 1 goody bag per child consisting of a small game or deck of collectable cards

  • Full clean up following the party

Price: $275

Additional price per child: $25

Happy Birthday Balloons.png


Whether  you are part of a corporate team, sports team or just a few friends who  want to have a group event "just because", this is for you! This is  what you can expect:

  • Get to know each other's personalities (you may not have seen before)

  • Group problem solving

  • Increase your strategy skills

  • Effective team communication


This 3 hour team building event features:​


  • Hour 1: Learn co-operative games based on your group size. Pandemic, Treasure Island and Desert Island will be featured.

  • Hour 2: Break into teams and face off against another team while playing Wits and Wagers, Codename or Ultimate Showdown.

  • Hour  3: Let's see if you grasped the concept of team. Your group will be set  against one or multiple locked room style EXIT games and try to solve  the puzzles and escape the room!

  • The event fee includes your private games guru to explain all the games as well as a complete meal with a choice ​of: 

    • Flat Bread, Salad or Panini

    • One non-alcoholic beverage

    • Dessert Waffle

    • One FREE Copy of "Exit: The Game" per 4 participants

$35 per person

Teams of 8 to 30 people are welcome

(Please contact us for a customized package)

"I  booked a team building event at Metal Galaxy on Friday the 13th. We had  18 people in our group, and all were looking forward to a fun afternoon  of board gaming. Metal Galaxy delivered an excellent afternoon. The  food and the service were great. The hosts were knowledgeable, and  efficiently explained the games to new players. I am pleased to say that  a great time was had by all, and I will be recommending Metal Galaxy as  a team building event to others in my company!"

Kurt Armbruster, Senior Geologist

Oil & Gas Company


"Went  to Metal Galaxy for our team builder, we all had a great time learning  different board games, strategies and most importantly we learned  something about each other we didn't know. Lots of fun, lots of learning  and a great way to engage everyone. Great food!!!"

Johnny Zakharia, Supervisor Test & Repair

SHAW Communications

 "Playing  games brings out a different side of all of us. It brings us together,  relaxes us, and builds up memories which last for a long time.

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