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Trade Rates

Metal Galaxy accepts trade-ins for a huge variety of games from cards and miniatures to board games. Below are our rates for bulk trade-ins and detailed information on our trade policies. We also accept individual cards in trade at a pro-rated price. Our rates change based on the supply and demand for each game. We also purchase large collections!



Trade-in Rates


Commons / Uncommons/Basic Lands: 1000 @ $ 10 bulk credit
Rares: 100 @ $ 20 Singles Credit or $ 10 cash

(Please note that we do not accept rares from sets before the rarity colors were added) 
Foils (Any rarity): Please contact us (currently overstocked)


Commons: 1000 @ $ 10 bulk credit

Rares, SR, UR, Secret Rares: 100 @ $ 15.00 bulk Credit



Commons / Uncommons: 1000 @ $ 10 bulk Credit
Rares/Rare Holos: 100 @ $ 12.00 bulk Credit
Pokemon EXs/GXs/Vs : 25 @ $ 30.00 Singles credit


All bulk purchases/trade-ins must be approved prior to being brought into the store.

Metal Galaxy also purchases large collections of all 3 games above.


Please PM us on Facebook or email 

Compare trade rates for some of online’s biggest retailers and see just

how much value Metal Galaxy offers!



Star Wars Minis, D&D Minis & Mage Knights:  any 50 @ $ 25.00 Singles Credit 

 Star Wars CCG (Decipher): Market Value (Please contact us for details)

Flesh and Blood CCG: Market Value (Please contact us for details)

  • ALL traded in items must be in Mint condition. 

  • Credit is valid for binders ONLY unless stated otherwise.

  • Bulk trades which require excessive processing time (i.e. unsleeving of cards) might receive a trade value deduction of up to 15%.

  • We also offer collection appraisals for insurance purposes (contact us for details)

  • "Bulk" credit means cards in our self serve bulk section as well as binders

  • "Singles" credit means any cards in showcases as well as bulk and binder.


  • Why does Metal Galaxy specify that bulk is only good for binder and deck basics type credit? 

We want to give our customers the opportunity to trade in not just their best cards but also bulk commons, uncommons and rares which do not see much play. In the same way that the majority of players would not give up a high end card for bulk (i.e. a thousand commons for a Tarmogoyf), we do not feel it would be fair to expect the store to give up high end and difficult to get cards for low value and not played cards.


Processing bulk is time consuming and we do it not only as a courtesy to our loyal customers but also so that we may build low cost introductory sets for new or casual players at a very limited level of profit. One could say we are recycling and giving purpose to all that bulk :)

Our binders are well stocked and maintained and offer thousands of cards to those trading in bulk.

  •  Why does Metal Galaxy have a 3 tier credit system?

Our experience is that most stores in town do not offer bulk trade-ins and instead chose to focus mainly on accepting high end cards. In doing so, it allows them to offer a wider range of product to those trading in while, at the same time, limiting what can be traded in.


Different tiers of credit allows Metal Galaxy to virtually accept anything that is brought into us and account for the "quality" of what was brought in so that customers can save their credit if they chose to do so.

In addition, Metal Galaxy offers the best Loyalty program in town: earning points on EVERYTHING in the store, no restrictions, no blackouts and the ability to redeem for Store Credit or Showcase Singles Credit. In order to offer such a generous rewards program, we need to differentiate between customers who have earned a reward and those who have brought us bulk, hence the different tiers.

  • Are the posted Bulk Rates negotiable at all?

Metal Galaxy is ALWAYS available to negotiate prior to any trades being brought in and accepted/accounted for. Our primary goal is to make our customers happy while maintaining a balanced and dynamic business environment. In short, trades need to benefit both the customer and us ;)

We strive to be as transparent as possible about why we do things the way we do and are always willing to answer your questions!

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