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Curious what Magic: the Gathering is?

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There are many different ways to play Magic.

          Two-Player. Multiplayer. Constructed. Limited.

Discover which Format is right for you...

Metal Galaxy is very proud to be an inclusive environment where EVERYONE is welcome.


We are a member of the Lady Planeswalker Society, where we share the vision of a friendly, welcoming, fun place where all genders can learn and play Magic: the Gathering.


We buy, sell and trade Magic

Magic the Gathering Events 

We have listened to your feedback and shifted our events schedule to be less busy and with an emphasis on quality and casual play.

We currently offer Commander casual tournaments every Saturday at 2 pm. 

Our NEW "Draft on-demand" allows you to draft MTG anytime during our business hours!

We also run Magic pre-releases with a small cap and double the prizing!

(check our Facebook page for details)

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